The following Exchange Policy is effective as of 4/1/2020. If you purchased products from us prior to this date, our prior exchange policy may apply, please email us at help@equalparts.com to inquire.

It is important to us that you have the best tools in your hands while cooking. To that end, we offer a one (1) year exchange policy on all of our pots and pans (utensils and accessories are not included). The policy begins on the day that you buy products from us (not a reseller or a friend) and can be redeemed by contacting us at help@equalparts.com. If your product is accepted for exchange you will be required to ship the products to us and pay to have the exchange products returned to you.

Our exchange policy applies to defects in the products that result from defective materials, construction, or workmanship that render them unfit for use as cooking equipment in your home. Our exchange policy does not apply to normal wear and tear of the products, or aesthetic blemishes that result from normal, non-commercial use.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of circumstances in which our exchange policy will not apply to your Equal Parts products:

Any damage arising from misuse, accidents, and/or abuse, including:

  • Dropping the products
  • Unauthorized modification or repair
  • Over-exposure to high or prolonged heat
  • Improper storage
  • Temperature shock of the cookware (e.g., from heat to freezing cold)
  • Use of abrasive cleaning tools or chemical cleaning products
  • Use of utensils made out of metal or similar hard material on non-stick products

    Normal wear and tear:
  • Minor imperfections commensurate with use for cooking
  • Color variations
  • Staining
  • Any damage to glass, porcelain, ceramic, or similarly fragile materials

    If you have any questions about whether your products are eligible for exchange, please contact us at help@equalparts.com. We reserve the right to reject any products for exchange that are not accompanied by an original proof of purchase, or do not meet the above conditions.

    Note that we may need to exchange older products with newer products that may be a different color, shape, size, or model in the event that we no longer manufacture the original product that you wish to exchange. You agree that we have the right to do so when purchasing your products.

    Please note that the 30 day return period does not start over if you exchange your products. If you end up wanting to return your products, you will only have the remaining 30 days from your original purchase date to do so. Products may only be exchanged once per original purchaser, and the limited exchange period for any product replaced under this policy shall not reset at the time of exchange, but shall be the remainder of the one (1) year period starting on the original date of purchase.
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