Everyday Knife

8-in chef’s knife made of German steel. Full tang, ergonomic handle and made to stay sharp.
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Your Everyday Knife

The Finer Details

German steel blade stays sharp

Balanced weight for perfect slicing

Ergonomic handle for proper grip

Made to Stay Sharp

The German steel blade is so strong you'll cut through the pit of an avocado and not even notice. Trust us - we did it (accidentally).

It Just Feels Right

Our team went through countless iterations to create an all-purpose knife that fits effortlessly in a wide variety of hands. The smooth, ergonomic handle encourages proper pinch grip, while the delicately curved blade keeps your chopping nice and balanced.

The Reviews Are In

“If you want one knife for you kitchen then this is it. It's versatile, nicely weighted, super sharp and can be used for chopping garlic to carving a roast chicken.”

– Steven, Atlanta

“I have multiple chef’s knives at home, but my friend said I had to try this one. It did not disappoint and is now my new go-to favorite.”

– Alice, Philly

“I never thought I’d enjoy cutting veggies. It’s almost meditative. The weight is so balanced it feels so natural.”

- Alex, Portland

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