EP: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you based? What do you do?

N+N: We are singer songwriters based in Inglewood, CA.

EP: What comes to mind when you think of “home cooking”? Recently, what role has cooking played in your daily routines?

N+N: Family, love, chicken & rice! We find ourselves cooking a lot now because we have the extra time.

Plantain Chickpea Curry
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EP: If you had to eat one dish for the rest of your life what would it be?

Navi: Stew chicken with rice and peas.

Nick: Pancakes!

EP: How does it feel to cook together? Have you learned anything about each other through the process of creating a meal?

N+N: It’s always fun! When we were younger we used to pretend we had a cooking show with our easy bake lol :). So it feels like we’re kids again! We both freestyle!

Essential Pan in Red
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EP: What 5 ingredients, spices, or condiments could you not live without?

N+N: Coconut milk, pepper, salt, nutmeg, garlic.

EP: What’s your favorite artist, album, playlist or podcast to listen to while cooking?

N+N: Depends on what we’re cooking! It’s usually 90's Hip Hop, R&B or Dancehall.

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Thank you to Dana Veraldi for capturing these beautiful images with help from Creative Producer Miles Garber & Photography Assistant David Litner. Dana Veraldi is the artist and founder of DEERDANA, a brand based in NYC most known for its t-shirts featuring hand-drawn portraits of cultural, political, and inspirational figures that have influenced the perspective and voices of generations. Her work goes beyond fashion and exhibits powerful messages through its art, such as promoting women’s rights, supporting indigenous people and endangered animals. Dana has a BA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art. While she is most recognized for her drawings, photography, and cooking are her favorite creative outlets.

In the Kitchen with Alanna & Marlowe
In the Kitchen with Karolyn & Jason
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