Chapter 1

Home cooks who didn’t start out that way.

After working together for the better part of a decade, building lives and homes along the way, we found ourselves out of balance. Working too much and spending too much time on screens.

We began looking for ways to find more fulfilment. Caring for our homes. Spending time with loved ones. Being creative. Simple activities that felt rewarding just for the sake of doing them.

Chapter 2

Cooking to enjoy daily life.

We wanted to focus on activities in the home that help take back time and attention, and here was one concerning arguably the most important element of one’s home - the kitchen.

We realized that the more we cooked as a team and talked about it with one another, it went from a daunting chore to a protective buffer for enjoying our personal time; it allowed us to unwind, recharge, use our hands, and sit down for a warm meal with the people we love.

Chapter 3

Why Equal Parts?

As we spent more time in the kitchen, we shared photos, tips, and techniques with each other along the way, so beginners could feel more confident and experienced cooks could keep trying new things.

This was the inspiration behind a new kind of cooking brand—one that capitalized on the rewarding aspects of cooking while lowering barriers. The whole approach is designed to make it easier to get started and stay in the flow with simple supplies and on-demand direction.

Chapter 4

The Pattern Family

We know that cooking is just one way to bring enjoyment into every day. We’re working on more ways to guide you through rewarding activities, with a focus on the home.

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