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Text a Chef

Just in time for the holidays, get a free direct line to a culinary expert. Text for recipe inspiration, hosting advice, and more.

How It Works

Get personalized advice.
Our chefs tailor ideas to your tastes, skill level, and what’s in your fridge.

Avoid endless scrolling.
Skip sifting through search results. Get inspiration on-demand 7 days / week.

Keep your routine fresh.
Switch up your shopping list, discover new ingredients, meal prep with a partner.

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Meet Your Chefs

Connect one-on-one with a culinary expert with years of experience. Whether you’re an experienced cook or a newbie, no question is small potatoes.

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What Our Community Is Saying

Thousands of home cooks around the country are using Text a Chef to get into the rhythm of the kitchen.

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Try Text a Chef for free just in time for the holidays. No purchase or credit card necessary – consider it our gift to you.

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