Our Design Philosophy

We designed Equal Parts cookware with attention to every detail. Our collection of 15 inviting products is made to work in a world with less time and less space.

A Timeless Finish

We chose matte black so our products feel at home in any kitchen. Our gender-neutral approach makes them classic and accessible for any home cook. We hope Equal Parts will be in your kitchen today and in 10 years too.

Cook cleaner with ceramic

All Equal Parts cookware is coated with non-toxic, non-stick ceramic, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals (like PFOA, lead or PTFE) making their way into your food.

The Right Fit

Every handle on our products, from our pots and pans to our spatula, should feel good in your hand. We tested countless iterations until we landed on one that fit just right. The result? Easy maneuvering, no matter your hand or kitchen size.

Made to be Multi-Purpose

We want to help you build a kitchen you love without taking up valuable space. We consciously designed our products to be suitable for cooking and serving. Our pots and pans and mixing bowls also feature universal lids.

Responsible Packaging

Each and every Equal Parts product is delivered in recycled cardboard boxes with zero plastic. We designed the boxes to be durable and colorful, so they can easily take on a second life in your home. Check the welcome booklet inside your package for storage tips.

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