We crafted our cookware to work in a world with less time and space. With responsible and easy-to-use materials, it’ll keep you coming back for more.

Comfortable and secure handling

Each tool has been carefully crafted for maximum comfort and effortless control. Our polished, stainless steel handle has a flat top and curved bottom for a firm grip, and we added a heat-resistant, silicone gasket to our knob to protect your hands and facilitate safe gripping.

Balanced beauty for a considered home

Our products embody a graceful aesthetic that balances clean and organic design elements. You’ll find the same rounded shapes throughout our entire line, including the knob, the lid, the hanging holes, negative space in our pot handles, and our utensil grips.

A color for every kitchen

The decorative nature of our cookware invites display and evokes the feeling of a warm and welcoming space. We selected four colors (plus our signature black) to add personality to and complement the thoughtful design pieces that make your kitchen feel like home.

Cook on a blank slate

We intentionally selected the lightest color possible for our ceramic interiors to give cooks more control over their ingredients — allowing you to monitor every part of the cooking process and avoid overcooking or burning.

Built to be better together

Our approach to design prioritizes flexibility both within small spaces and across a range of use cases, from planning and preparation to serving, cleaning, and simple storage. We avoid gadgetry, instead enabling ease by helping users to do more with fewer products.

Responsible construction

We are conscious of the first and second degree implications of our design choices. Wherever possible, we use materials that are low impact to produce and to discard. Our PTFE, PFOA, and BPA free products are delivered in recycled cardboard packaging with zero plastic. We also use post-industrial, recycled, or recyclable materials wherever possible.

Cooking is a great way to be with people you care about, put on your favorite album, and get creative.

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