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Sue Chan

Apr 15, 2020

Meet Sue Chan, home cook and founder of Care of Chan, a brand management agency representing the next era of food and living.

We chatted with her about her cooking routine and how she’s been supporting her industry in this time of unprecedented need.

What are you cooking today?

Today I made a Spanish Tortilla that will last me for three days. It actually tastes better the longer it sits. I have it for breakfast or lunch with a side salad. Watch Omar Allibhoy’s video on YouTube for my favorite Spanish Tortilla recipe.

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Can you give us some advice for making cooking at home more enjoyable?

I find the most pleasure from cooking when I cook something I know well. Find the recipe for your favorite dish and try it first step-by-step. Then the second time around, do it without a recipe and add your own spin on it. The more you cook, the better you’ll get at it. It’s that simple.

What are three ingredients you’ve been using the most over the past week?

Ginger — I’ve been throwing ginger into everything I can because it’s great preventative medicine for infections. For example, I grated some on a microplane over roasted beets before they hit the oven.

Anchovies — I used to hate anchovies until I went to Italy for the first time many years ago. Now I can’t live without them. When I’m feeling lazy, I make myself a simple pasta with an anchovy, garlic, lemon and parsley sauce.

Togarashi (Japanese 7-Spice Blend) — You can put this on everything and anything to jazz it up and give it a punch. On eggs, on avocado toast, on rice. The spice is better for my stomach than hot sauce because it’s way less acidic. I recommend the one from The Japanese Pantry.

What are you doing for someone else?

I’ve been trying to give back to my industry, the restaurant industry, as much as possible, as most restaurants were forced to close but still have rent to pay and employees and themselves to support. It’s reported that 75% of restaurants might not survive this period of closures.

Our agency is doing pro-bono work for Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR), a New York based hospitality coalition advocating and raising funds for the industry. We also launched a shop featuring merchandise from our favorite restaurants around the country, such as Contra, Wildair, Cafe Altro Paradiso, Russ & Daughter, The Odeon, Jon & Vinny’s, Sqirl, Night+Market and Kismet.

Buying merch from your favorite restaurant is one small, but meaningful, way to support your favorite establishments. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the restaurants. Click here to support.

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