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Cooking for Less Clean-Up

Apr 15, 2020

Cooking can be messy business, but with these tips and a good non-stick pan, clean up doesn’t have to be a chore. Spending a few minutes setting up your space can make a big difference in cutting down the time spent over the sink later on.

Start with a clean slate.

It may seem counterintuitive, but cleaning before you start cooking will end up saving you a bunch of time. Empty your dishwasher before cooking, so you don’t end up leaving dishes to “soak” in the sink after dinner. Make sure your prep space is clear of any clutter. You’ll thank us later.

Keep a scrap and composting bowl close.

Set up a Mixing Bowl next to your Cutting Board to toss in compostable scraps and garbage. This will help you tidy up as you go, and save time on trips to the trash while cooking or after the work is done.

Measure over the sink.

Avoid accidental splashes over the stove or counter by pouring liquids and dry ingredients out over the sink. Then, you can avoid extra sweeping or wiping and simply wash any mess down the drain.

Prep dry ingredients first.

Measure salt, pepper, spices, and flour before moving onto oils, milks, sauces, or other wet ingredients. This will save you a step of clean up and the trouble of getting dry ingredients stuck in sticky tools.

Prep vegetables before meats.

Similarly, chopping and setting aside your vegetables first will save you an extra step of washing your cutting board. Plus, it’ll ease any concerns about contaminating your vegetables or uncooked ingredients with raw meat.

One-pan and sheet pan meals are your friend.

Less is more when it comes to cooking tools. Try a one-pan pasta, soup, or sheet pan meatballs with veggies when you really want to cut down on cleaning time.

Use a spoon rest or plate for dirty tools.

Keep your in-use utensils from getting your counter messy by pulling out a plate or spoon rest before you start cooking.

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