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3 Simple Tips To Make The Most of Leftovers

Apr 15, 2020

Cooking every night during the week can be a challenge, but with the right approach to leftovers, you can find variety and new flavors every night.

We've spoken to experts and narrowed their tips down to the best 3 for maximizing the utility of each and every meal.

Focus on simplicity

If you’re making a big batch of one meal that you'd like to use for leftovers, keep it simple. The simpler the dish, the easier it is to turn it into lots of different recipes and exciting meals later on.

For example, one of our favorites is a basic lemon grilled chicken. Later in the week, it can become salad with chicken, chicken gyros, pasta with chicken and parmesan cream sauce, chicken tacos, and more.

Remember, you can always add new ingredients to leftovers to freshen them up.

Use your freezer

It’s easy to get sick of leftovers if I have to eat the same thing for a week. Portion it out and put some in the freezer- you’ll enjoy it so much more a few weeks later.

Make things that reheat & freeze well

Things that reheat well also freeze well. Things that are saucy, cheesy and soupy tend to reheat well. For example, eggplant parmesan and lasagna taste better a few days later.

If you're working with a different style of dish, adding a little water or stock to something before reheating it can help it from drying out if it doesn’t have its own sauce.

And finally, don’t freeze raw vegetables. If you want to freeze veggies, quickly steam or blanch them first (put in boiling water until bright in color and just tender - about 2 mins - and then into ice water to stop the cooking).

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