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7 Steps To Season Your Non-Stick Pan For First-Use

Jan 01, 2020

Your non-stick pans have arrived and you’re ready to get started. Seasoning your pan is the perfect first step.

Seasoning is a simple process that helps ensure the effectiveness of the non-stick surface and can extend the life of your cookware.

What is seasoning?

Ceramic coatings are often natural, which means healthier cooking. But it can also mean a cooking surface with a little bit of texture. By placing a thin layer of oil over the ceramic coating, you’re filling in any uneven areas that could reduce the effectiveness of the non-stick.

And should you scratch the pan by accident with a metal utensil, this process can help prevent rust and oxidation on the surface of the cookware.

7 steps to seasoning your pan

Here are a few simple steps to season your pan:

  1. Use warm water and a gentle detergent to wash the cookware once it’s out of the packaging.
  2. Dry the cookware thoroughly with a kitchen towel.
  3. When the pan is dry, place about one teaspoon of vegetable or canola oil in the pan. Rub it across the entire ceramic surface all the way up to the rim of the pan.
  4. Heat the pan over medium heat (~350 degrees) for about one minute.
  5. Remove the pan and let it cool completely.
  6. When the pan has cooled, use a paper towel to remove any extra oil.
  7. You’re ready to start cooking.

Feel free to repeat this process if you find your pan is beginning to lose its non-stick qualities.

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