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Gia Seo

May 21, 2020

Meet Gia Seo, New York-based art director and 'sockfluencer' turned home cooking enthusiast. As the pandemic continues to reshape our routines, she's found comfort in recreating her favorite dishes and testing out different shoe/sock combinations. We checked in with her to see what she's been cooking up, and how her attitude towards food has shifted recently.

How has your approach to cooking changed since the start of the pandemic?

I am cooking a lot more mindfully recently. In the past, I was not a huge cook at home gal. I liked to indulge by eating locally at restaurants. The most I did was bake at home (which I still do all the time). Given the situation we find ourselves in today, cooking has become by far the grounding factor in a very routine-less day. A silver (albeit double-edged) lining that has come out of the pandemic is the abundance of fresh produce at the grocery store. Although portion sizing is always tough, the pandemic has forced me to be less wasteful in consuming and preparing food and more aware of what I am putting into my body.

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Can you give us some advice for making cooking at home more enjoyable?

Have some noise on in any shape or form! Whether it's that good old Ja Rule banger, the podcast you put on hold two years ago and forgot about, pitting your cat and dog against each other (just kidding!), noise/sound helps me concentrate and keeps my mind steady enough to enjoy what I am doing in the meantime. Plus it can feel like you're living in a full house for a second, which can be nice.

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What are the ingredients you’ve been using the most over the past week?

Garlic, Onion, Spam. Also, herbs from my indoor herb garden!


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