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November Favorites
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November Favorites
Crispy Chicken Legs with Roasted Peppers & Potatoes

Chicken legs (thighs and drumsticks), potatoes, and a fiery kick from harissa are the stars of this one-pan meal. Just season generously, add everything to your .css-o4ewye{display:block;color:#666666;margin-top:24px;font-size:14px;font-family:RelativeFaux-Book,sans-serif;font-feature-settings:'ss02','zero';line-height:1.7142857142857142;font-weight:normal;-webkit-letter-spacing:0;-moz-letter-spacing:0;-ms-letter-spacing:0;letter-spacing:0;}@media (min-width:1680px){.css-o4ewye{font-size:calc(0.3412969283276451vw + 7.27px);}}@media (max-width:1679px){.css-o4ewye{font-size:calc(0.15267175572519084vw + 10.44px);}}@media (max-width:1023px){.css-o4ewye{font-size:12px;}}@media (max-width:767px){.css-o4ewye{font-size:12px;}}Oct 23, 2020

November Favorites
Misfits Market x Equal Parts Fall Vegetable Bake

Meet our go-to bake, made in partnership with our friends at Misfits Market. Sub in your favorite seasonal vegetables, slice them up, and add a healthy helping of fontina cheese and breadcrumbs for the perfect oven-baked side dish...

Sep 20, 2020
November Favorites
Summer Puttanesca with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes & Fresh Parsley

This simple, 30-minute pasta features summer’s bounty of fresh tomatoes. The Castelvetrano olives, capers and a touch of spice from red pepper flakes will leave you dreaming of Italy from your own kitchen. Now that you’re likely a...

Sep 20, 2020
November Favorites
Fresh Pesto

Contained below: the power to convert your favorite leafy green and nut of choice into a robust pesto ready for marinating whatever meat, fish, or veggie your heart desires, serving as a dip to your favorite vessel, or dressing up...

Apr 15, 2020
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